Methods, Trends and Solutions for Drug Diversion


Drug diversion is a significant issue for hospitals, and the problem is growing as rates of drug abuse and addiction rise nationally. Drug diversion raises the risk of harm to patients and can result in increased regulatory scrutiny of healthcare facilities and workers. Hospitals also face potential liability and negative publicity if a patient is harmed by an impaired employee. To prevent drug diversion, hospitals should have a comprehensive drug diversion program that has full cooperation and support from all relevant disciplines. Security leadership plays an important role in working with hospital administration to ensure the effectiveness of the program.


Tina Kristof is a healthcare attorney working out of Houston, Texas. She earned her J.D. with a Health Law Specialization from Boston University School of Law, and her B.A. from the University of California at Los Angeles. Ms. Kristof is admitted to practice law in Texas, California and Massachusetts. Previously, she served as Assistant General Counsel for Walmart Stores, Inc., Staff Attorney at Donoghue, Barrett & Singal, and Health Policy Manager at Wellpoint Health Networks. Ms. Kristof may be reached at or (281) 725-0444.

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