IAHSS Foundation Mission

Founded in 1981, the IAHSS Foundation continues to support the healthcare industry, the security and safety professionals, our healthcare organizations and the patients and residents we serve.

Donations are critical to our mission and are used to fund relevant/critical Healthcare Security Industry research, white papers to include best practices and industry data/statistics; provide awards to recognize outstanding work done by healthcare security professionals and departments; and provide financial assistance to help healthcare security professionals advance their education or obtain the CHPA certification.

Please realize the value of the Foundation’s research, we are completely funded by donations from individuals and organizations; and you can provide your support by clicking on the button below.

Latest Publications

Body-Worn Cameras in Healthcare

A body worn camera (BWC) is a wearable audio, video, and/or photographic recording system. It is typically comprised of a camera, microphone and rechargeable battery, with data storage capabilities.

2023 Healthcare Crime Survey

The 2022 Healthcare Crime Survey was commissioned under the IAHSS Foundation’s Research and Grants Program. The purpose of the Crime Survey is to provide healthcare security professionals with an understanding of the frequency and nature of crime in hospitals.

Message from the President