Medal of Valor Award

The Medal of Valor is presented to an individual or individuals:

Medal of Valor
For a selfless and/or courageous act taken at risk of their own lives with full awareness of the danger involved.

Medal of Valor Nomination 

In submitting nominations for either award, the following items and details should be forwarded with the nomination: The Awards Committee will automatically consider any nominees not awarded the Medal of Valor for the Medal of Distinction. The following should be included in the nomination package for both:

  1. Copies of any correspondence, including, but not limited to: internal incident reports, newspaper articles, administrative reports, statements or unsolicited letters from unbiased witnesses, and copies or external agency reports, i.e., law enforcement, fire and/or emergency medical service agencies.
  2. A brief biography or vitae of each nominee, including an outline of his or her accomplishments.

The Awards Committee will evaluate and consider, among other factors, whether the risk taken by the nominee(s) protected or compromised his/her/their own safety or the safety of others. Documentation which clearly shows sound judgement, courage, ability, the use or learned skills and appropriateness or responses will also be evaluated. When two or more nominations for separate acts of heroism meet the above criteria, the Awards Committee may elect to award more than one Medal of Valor.

The Medal of Valor award consists of a gold medal bearing the IAHSSF seal and suitably inscribed mounted on a red, white and red ribbon in a presentation case, and a certificate. A bar consisting of equal segments of red, white and red enamel separated by narrow bands of blue enamel with a blue enamel “V” centered and suitable for uniform wear will be issued to all recipients of the Medal of Valor and past recipients of the Valor Award.

Vancouver Island Health

Medal of Valor Awards
Year Recipient’s Name Facility
2018 Charles Kraeling Vancouver Island Health
2018 Brandon Janeski and David Walker McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital
2015 Corina Maher Massachusetts General Hospital
2015 Abdur-Raheem Muhammad University of North Carolina Hospitals
2014 Chris Brewer Fredericton Area Security Services
2013 Gilbert Sanchez Scott & White Healthcare System
2012 Brad Baker, Rich Blevins, Paul DeLeon,
Sgt. Shane Presgraves, Robert Loll
Northeast Georgia Health System McLaren Health Care
2011 Jackie D. Houston, Michael S. Saunders,
Thad B. Boyd and Timothy W. Henley
Forsyth Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC
2011 Andrew I. Hull, Abhishek D. Herekar
Timothy H. Merullo and Jamie R. Pisano
Danbury Hospital, Danbury, CT
2011 Derrick N. Glennie and Davis N. Drepaul Rouge Valley Health System, Toronto, ON
2009 Michael Hearn Rouge Valley Health System, Toronto, ON
2008 Gary A. Purcell Scottsdale Healthcare, Scottsdale, AZ
Steve Toland
(Award of Distinction)
Sacred Heart Medical Center, Spokane, WA
2007 John Snitgen
Joseph Wilson
Henry Ford Health Systems, Detroit, MI
Steve Martin
Panch Bumbray
Northwestern Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Timothy Hough Sinai Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Brandon Hudson Northwestern Hospital, Baltimore, MD
Nathaniel Carter Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia PA
Eric Ellwanger Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center, Denver, CO