The Grant Program has been established to provide funding for applications approved for healthcare security- and safety-related academic research, academic papers, and academic studies.


The IAHSSF Board of Directors will consider applications from:

– Active members of the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety

– Accredited researchers

– College students having attained Senior or Graduate level

Application Criteria

Sections I through V of the application, including attachment of requested completed exhibits,

must be completed in full and returned to IAHSSF.

Clear, concise statements must respond to the requirements of Section III of the application to

summarize the following:

• the purpose of the project and the problem to be researched

• the measurable objective to be obtained

• the methodology or approach to be used to address the need for the project

• the time and planning schedule projected for completion of the project Section V requires submission of line item budget totals with complete supporting details.

For a copy of the Grant Application click here.

Grant Renewal

Individuals may apply for a renewal of an existing grant. Applications will be accepted and considered as they are received. Prior approval of a previous request is not a guarantee of renewal or continued financial support of a project or academic pursuit.

Submission Deadline

Applications will be received on an on-going basis. Applications will not be subject to a calendar or cyclical deadline.

Application Review

The IAHSSF will appoint a three member Application Review Committee (ARC). At least two of the ARC members shall be current members of the IAHSSF Board. A non-board member, if appointed must hold a valid CHPA designation.

The ARC shall have 60-days from date of receipt by IAHSSF to make and communicate a decision to the applicant. Approval requires a unanimous vote of the three members of the ARC.

Appointments to the ARC will be made by the duly elected President of the IAHSSF at its annual meeting. ARC members shall serve one year, but may be reappointed at the discretion of the IAHSSF President.


Applicants are eligible to receive an award by the ARC up to seven (7%) of the funds allocated for grants by the IAHSSF Board, but not less than a minimum of $500. Funds, at the discretion of the ARC or IAHSSF , may be released on an incremental basis.

Terms and Conditions

Decisions of the ARC will be final and not subject to appeal. The ARC proceedings will not be disclosed. Applications and any accompanying material will not be returned to the applicant. Grant recipients are required to submit quarterly status reports. A final report on completed projects is required. Grant recipients are obligated to repay the grant is terms are not completed.

The IAHSSF reserves first publication of academic papers or study funded in part or whole by the Foundation. Any or all publication of material resulting from IAHSSF support, in part or whole, require acknowledgement of support by the Foundation and Foundation approval for printing or using materials.

The ARC reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant and to extend the decision date accordingly. The applicant will be notified in writing of any deadline changes.

The forgoing policy is subject to change at any time and without advance notice to current or prospective applicants.